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Lirim Longneck: We love you just the way

"Lirim Langhals"

We love you just the way you are! 

A children's book on being different and helpful written for childrens. Lirim is depressed. Her lengthy neck makes everyone chuckle. She walks into the forest with her head lowering, leaving the big lake where she lives with her parents, Longneck. Has someone ever made fun of you? Ever had a strong sense of isolation? Then you are undoubtedly aware of Lirim's current situation. However, what is that? Something is complaining up in the treetop, is it not? Join Lirim as she explores the jungle and come across a variety of creatures in need of immediate assistance. Supports: being sensitive of other people Enhances: self-worth Gives courage: to be as unique as you are Helps: to see the needs of others and provide help What do you think, whether Lirim will play with the others at the lake again after her trip ? Experience for yourself how encouraging words can drive away sadness and the feeling of being needed can change many things. Especially during the kindergarten years, the little ones experience a lot of new things and need the security and emotional support of their parents even more. How quickly can it happen that a child is excluded by others and feels left alone. It is all the more important to create opportunities to give the child support and security again - with good words, with the feeling of being accepted and important. ...just like the little animals in the forest do, whose kindness fills Lirim's little heart with love again. An ideal gift for anyone who wants to say to someone very special: We love you, just as you are!
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