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How can I order? or ask for a service?

Designed to meet customer and business needs, these features allow you to recognize our mission to bring you relief and joy.

Select our services !

You can choose a service (IT, Web & Graphic Design, Printing) that you need, then contact us for the services, the project, the support technician, printing, etc.



Our Solution !

We give a choice to your problem, or we become part of your project, or the service you have chosen, maybe one: IT service, Web & Graphics or Printings !

Results !

The completion of every project, service, IT technician, graphic designs, prints are perfect, qualitative, beautiful, fast, and safe, our whole mission is your satisfaction!

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🚚FREE SHIPPINGfor all printing products in Belgium🇧🇪 & Holland 🇳🇱

Personalized Dressing, printing or embroidery

Variety of models, sizes, and colors; fast service; careful checks; beautiful designs; quality; and happiness!

Graphic design service

Order and Personalized online by Specialis !

Free delivery

Network and cable management !

Rack and Server rooms !

Our projects have ranged from massive data center builds to small office upgrades, but one thing remains consistent: our dedication to impeccable network and cable management. We take pride in our ability to tame server rooms and wiring closets, no matter how tangled they may seem. Our skilled technicians have seen it all, and approach every job with the care and precision needed to keep everything neatly ordered. Whether it’s color-coding cables, bundling them to maximize airflow and accessibility, or labeling each component clearly, we take the time to do it right. Our clients appreciate how clean, accessible, and professional their spaces look when we’re done. It’s just one way we aim to provide best-in-class IT services and solutions for companies of any size.

Looking for a reliable and affordableCCTV camera installation service?

Look no further than us! Our team of experts will handle the entire installation process, from determining the best location for your cameras to providing expert configuration and support. We provide installation service for homes, offices, and companies so you can secure your property 24x7.

The future of copy.

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Business cards
Hats personalize
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Promotional materials
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Photos & cards
Our vision, quality, and your satisfaction

Pricing plans for maintenance IT services.

Standard Plan

Join This Plan
The cheapest way to get started.
  • Check periodics on-site 2 time/month
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Software updates
  • Remote training
  • Replaceable Parts normal cost
  • Call Support diagnostics
  • Factory repair
  • New features upgrade

Business Plan

Join This Plan
The most popular plan.
  • Check periodics on-site 4 time/month
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Software updates
  • Remote training
  • Replaceable Parts resale cost
  • Call Support diagnostics
  • Factory repair
  • New features upgrade

Safe Payment


"Beyond the mountains"

beyond the mountains titled this painting, the main symbolism of this painting shows the hope beyond every mountain (difficulties) and challenge of life, and hope (the light of God) that gives life and power that nothing is impossible!
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We love you as you are!

by Mag Claudia Krupensky (author), Ervis Kashari (illustrator), Philip Crupinschi MSc MA (contributor)



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